f you are experiencing consistent whistling every time you breathe through your nose. As to know the information about our nose more the septum is the piece of bone and cartilage that separates your nose into left and right nostrils. It is called a septal perforation when it has a tear, defect or hole. This condition does not always show any symptoms. However, the most commonly known symptom known is a consistent “whistling in the nose” while breathing. This may also cause crust, nasal blockage, bleeding, drainage pain. 
Our experienced ENT doctors have years of experience in diagnosing and treating disorders related to the nose. The treatment process includes finding the cause of the perforation. Many times medical treatment such as topical ointments or nasal sprays may relieve the problem. We at our center use several possible surgical techniques to resolve the problem for you. Our doctors will choose one based on where the hole is and how big it is and treat your problem. Our specialists will help and support in all the ways possible with your condition. You do not need to worry about the treatment as you can blindly trust our doctors who are specialized in the field.
Our ENT surgeons also have worked extensively to treat other nasal problems as well. We find and discuss various treatment techniques for you. Which will prove the best treating experience for you? Our surgeons are experts in their respective fields. We know the value and importance of all situations and thus give you trusted treatment to help you get well.

Dr. Hamilton specializes in surgical septal perforation treatment and repair.  He has pioneered new methods and equipment designed specifically for treating patients with septal perforations and has achieved one of the highest success rates at 99% for large and small septal perforations. Contact us today to get medical assistance from us.