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We are dedicated to delivering superior individualized patient care, unsurpassed service, and unparalleled surgical excellence. We provide you with a culture of cooperative patient management, where; you and your doctor mutually decide the best course of medical and surgical care, customized to your needs.

Clinical Care Coordinator: Desiree

Desiree is one of our clinical care coordinators here at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute. She helps assist the doctors in the care of both pediatric and adult patients. She often assists during office procedures and also assures that patients are up to date with current images, prescriptions, and follow up appointments. Prior to joining the Institute, she worked at USC General Hospital in various departments, including emergency medicine, cardiology, and psychiatry. During this time, she gained broad knowledge of medicine. She loves to learn and utilizes her knowledge to positively change her work environment. She is a true believer in patient care and loves to comfort those in need. She plans to continue her education in the field of otolaryngology to better serve her patients.

Surgery Scheduling Coordinator: Noelia

Noelia is in charge of our surgical scheduling department. She began her medical career in the coordination of patient care and has moved on to the field of surgical scheduling. Noelia has also continued to pursue her professional education and has obtained a bachelor’s degree in Health Administration. Her administrative skills allow her to ascertain the patient’s medical needs quickly and accurately, so that urgent matters are expedited and prioritized. She makes all the patient arrangements for surgery including transportation, lodging, financial and personal requests, so the patient can focus on their health. She has been with the Osborne Head and Neck Institute for many years and continues to develop the best programs to make surgery convenient and accessible to every patient.

Surgery Scheduling Coordinator: Christine

Christine is one of our surgery schedulers. She has a variety of experiences working in the medical field ranging from oncology, plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, OB/GYN and family practice. She takes pride in caring for our patient and attending to their needs and she is always there to answer any questions. She is there every step of the way as patients undergo the often stressful process of needing surgery. She attempts to understand the patients’ concerns and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Her detail-oriented approach ensures you will have all the information you need to have a great surgical experience. Christine has also decided to pursue a degree in photography and has become our office photographer. You may see her around the office taking photos. Whether it is photographing our events or handling your surgical scheduling needs, Christine will is ready and available to handle whatever comes her way.

Medical Information Technology: Jessica

Jessica is in charge of our medical records. She is able to retrieve a patient’s medical records quickly and accurately on a daily basis. She is able to facilitate a patient’s request for medical records to be sent to an additional provider at a moment’s notice. She is organized and utilizes all of her abilities to make sure all medical records are handled efficiently and appropriately. If you want to see organization at its highest level, check with Jessica.

Billing and Account Information: Monica

Monica is one of our hardest working team members in our medical billing department and is an invaluable part of our staff. Patients consistently comment on her commitment to resolving insurance issues and her attention to detail. She began her journey in the otolaryngology field when she was given the opportunity to join the Osborne Head and Neck Institute. Prior to this opportunity, her background was in the field of female medicine. She is currently contributing at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute in patient relations and medical billing. Her plans are to continue her training and enhance her knowledge in the field of otolaryngology in hopes of becoming a stronger asset.

Billing and Account Information: Martha

Martha is one of our seasoned veterans. She comes from a long career in medical billing with more than 14 years experience within the field of otolaryngology. She has guided our medical billing department into a highly specialized and efficient entity here at OHNI. Her patience in solving even the most challenging circumstances makes her a great person to have handling your medical billing needs. If you find yourself in need of billing support, she is someone that you can count on to be in your corner.

Business Management and Administrative Staff: Kim

Kim is the Business Administrator for the Osborne Head and Neck Institute. Prior to assuming her current position, she held positions in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Medical Office Management and Medical Billing, including the previous ownership of a small Medical Billing Company. Kim has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Pennsylvania State University. She is currently a member of the Association of Otolaryngology Administrators, an organization that is dedicated to facilitating professional development. Kim has completed continuing medical education through the American Academy of Otolaryngology, and the Council of Education for Professionals, Inc. She has a passion for running and with pleasure shares that passion by coordinating, volunteering for and running the Osborne Head and Neck Foundation’s annual 5K.

Business Management and Administrative Staff: Sue

Sue is one of our practice managers here at Osborne Head and Neck Institute. Sue received a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and was in private practice for many years before entering the field of Otolaryngology. She prides herself on her ability to combine her management skills and her clinical skills to achieve the best environment for our patients. Born and raised on the East coast, Sue understands a variety of medical styles and is able to adjust to any situation that arises. Sue also coordinates the Osborne Student Mentorship Program as part of her role in the Osborne Head and Neck Foundation, which provides high school and college students the opportunity to shadow our surgeons during patient visits, procedures and surgery. This unique program has offered many students with an interest in studying medicine unparalleled exposure to the medical field.

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